Cultural Sites

  • Chiang Mai National Museum (2 minutes walk)
  • Jed Yod Temple (4 minutes drive)
  • Old City (15 minutes drive)

  Natural Hideaways

  • Lanna Golf Course (5 minutes drive)
  • Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (35 minutes drive)
  • Royal Park Rajapuek (40 minutes drive)
  • Doi Suthep (45 minutes drive)

  Pharmacy & Hospitals

  • Pharmacy @ The Kannas (o minutes)*
  • Lanna Hospital (5 minutes drive)
  • Theppanya Hospital (7 minutes drive)
  • Chiang Mai Ram Hospital (10 minutes drive)

  Furnitures & Home Accessories​​​

  • Modernform Furniture (7 minutes drive)
  • Homepro (15 minutes drive)
  • Baan and Beyond @ Central Airport Plaza (20 minutes drive)
  • (alternatively, please contact us for furniture as we can offer a very special price for our guests from our sister company)

  Exercise Places & Gyms

  • Surf Sweat Exercise Classes (0 minutes)*
  • Go Gym (just across the road opposite us, 3 minutes)
  • "Fit Boxing Nimman" (7 minutes drive)
  • 700th Stadium (15 minutes drive)

  Cafe & Coworking Space

  • Artistic Lab (o minutes)
  • Graph Cafe Nimman @ One Nimman (5 minutes drive)
  • CAMP coworking space @ Maya Mall (5 minutes drive)
  • Punspace @ Nimman (7 minutes drive)

  Transportation Hub

  • Chiang Mai International Airport (20 minutes drive)
  • Railway Station (15 minutes drive)

  Shopping Malls

  • Maya Mall & Nimmanhaemin Road (5 minutes drive)
  • Central Festival (10 minutes drive)
  • Central Airport Plaza (20 minutes drive)

  Local Market

  • Thanin Fresh Market (8 minutes drive)
  • Warorot Market (15 minutes drive)
  • Sunday Walking Street @ the old city (15 minutes)

  Grocery Shopping

  • Mini Big C @ The Kannas (0 minutes)*
  • Rimping Supermarket @ Maya Mall (5 minutes drive)
  • Tesco Lotus (8 minutes drive)
  • Rimping Supermarket @ Meechok Plaza (10 minutes drive)

  Night Life

  • Bao Bao Bar @ The Kannas (o minutes)*
  • Nimmanhaemin Road (5 minutes drive)
  • Maya Mall Rooftop (5 minutes drive)


  • Kaotorn Kaolaeng Thai Cusine (0 minutes)
  • Lapin Cafe European Cusine (0 minutes)
  • Bhakti Steak and Salad (0 minutes)
  • Rustic & Blue Farm Shop; all day European breakfast, brunch (5 minutes)
  • Lum Lum Korean Restaurant @ Meechok Plaza (15 minutes drive)

  International Schools (for your children)

  • Prem Tinsulanonda International School
  • Chiang Mai International School
  • Grace International School
  • Nakornpayap International School

*places marked in red are our on-site shops.

All the recommendations made here are from our
personal preferences that we have visited in the
past ourselves or have heard good things about
them from our family and friends and would like to
recommend them to you



We highly recommend using Google Map as that it would route you directly to our location with no hassles. However, in the case that google map is not applicable to you, please kindly follow the direction below;

  • From Nimmanhaemin Road intersection (driving towards Maya Mall i.e. Think Park should be on your left and One Nimman Complex should be on your right), drive straight onwards towards the Khuangsingh intersection (the next traffic light intersection from Nimman).
  • Drive further onwards until you reach a junction where the road divides to go under the tunnel. KEEP LEFT, DO NOT go under the tunnel.
  • Oce you keep left, drive slowly onwards until you see a Mini Big C sign and "The Kannas" logo sign next to it on your left. Turn left to enter the complex and you shall meet us.

From the airport, please kindly use the Airport Limousine service or the airport Taxi Meter service (both booths are located on your left-hand side of the exit at the domestic zone. As for the international zone, both booths are located right next to the building's exit door). Prices are usually 200-300THB to get to The Kannas.

From grab taxi application, you can directly pin our location by typing in "The Kannas Mini Mall" or "THE KANNAS Serviced Apartment & Mini Mall".

However, for other forms of transportations, please kindly show them this message;

  • โครงการ เดอะ แคนนาส ข่วงสิงห์
  • จากวัดเจ็ดยอด ตรงมาประมาณ 800 เมตร โครงการตั้งอยู่ติดถนนทางเบี่ยงซุปเปอร์ ก่อนถึงสี่แยกข่วงสิงห์ (ไม่ลงทางลอดอุโมง)
  • จะมีมินิบิ๊กซีอยู่ด้านหน้าโครงการ พอเจอแล้วเลี้ยวซ้ายเข้าโครงการ


What area are you situated in?

We are situated in the area commonly known by locals as Khuang-Singh area (as that we are closest to Khuang Singh intersection), located 5 minutes drive away from the famous Nimmanhaemin Road by car.

Why should I stay in your neighbourhood?

Khuang-Singh is an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect combination of convenience and peace when choosing an accommodation.

As we are located right along the Superhighway Frontage Road linking with all the major sites in town, there are less hassles commutting.

Shopping malls, bars, board game cafes, cinemas are also located within a short distance for you to choose from.

If you are seeking something more adventurous, natural sites in maerim district, doi suthep temple and craft village in Sankampang are not too far as well.

How do I commute around?
Can I walk?

One important thing to keep in mind is that we would be the perfect choice for those with personal transportations (i.e. private/ rented motorbikes and/or cars) or those who do not mind using public transportations such as Grabtaxi and Songtaew Red Cars.

Unfortunately, we are not within a walking distance to Nimmanhaemin Road or the Old City.

Although we have tried ourselves to walk to Wat Jed Yod Temple, Rama 9 Public Park, and to JJ Sunday Market which were very enjoyable, it would not be ideal to do so everyday.

We try our best to provide essentials shops at the site such as restaurants, a 24/7 convenience store, a cafe, a pharmacy, an exercise studio, a live busic bar and a beauty clinic so that you would not have to go through the hassles of travelling.

Nevertheless, we are working on improving our system to assist you with commuting around town easier.




(please be aware that this is only a rough guide)

1 GBP = 42 THB
1 USD = 32 THB
1 EUR = 37 THB
1 CNY = 5 THB
1 SGD = 23 THB


Even though all of us speak Thai here, we also have the local Northern Thai dialect that can confuse Thais from other parts of the country as well.

As for English, most Thais can understand English, however, would not be able to communicate back fluently. The best way to communicate in that case would be to use google translate or simply give us a call to help sort things out.


Food Cost = ~35 - 300 a dish
Motorbike Rental = ~3,000/month
Public Transportation = ~50/way
Snacks/ Chips/ Crisps = ~30/ bag
Beer = ~40/ 300ml bottle
Water = ~7THB/500ml bottle

Prices are in Thai Baht


Thais greet one another by saying "Sawasdee" with a praying hand gesture.

Women would end all their sentences with the word "Ka", while men uses "Krub" to show respect. So do not be confuse if Thais speak English with you end their sentences with these words.

Although we are a lot more modernised now, one thing to be careful is to wear appropriate clothing when visiting the temple and never point your feet at anyone

accommodation with a lifestyle