Types of accommodations

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai?
Types of accommodation for long stayers

Chiang Mai is highly appreciated for its peaceful, highly cultural, visitors-friendly, and caring nature of Chiang Mai locals that is why there is a large selection and (a very wide range) of accommodations available for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at each option;

1. Semi-empty i.e. condos

Condo rental typically comes with a basic set of furniture i.e. bed (no bedding), knock-down/built-in wardrobe, dining space and perhaps a few basic kitchen electrics.


Who is this suitable for?

2. Fully-fitted i.e. an upscale condo, apartments, homes

Apartments and home rentals typically have more provided than a semi-empty space whereby most of the essential furniture in the bedroom and in the living room are provided along with kitchenettes.


Who is this suitable for?

3. Fully-fitted i.e. serviced apartments

Serviced apartments have the facilities and services as of a hotel i.e. 24 hours receptionists, on-site maintenance while still have a sense of home as the rooms tend to be more spacious, provided with a lot of storage space just like staying at a penthouse apartment.


Who is this suitable for?

At the Kannas Serviced Apartment, we provide a fully-fitted type of accommodation whereby from our experiences and customer feedback, they love love love the spacious room with lots of storage space given and the fact that they really can just move in with a luggage bag without having to buy anything extra.

For more information about us, please kindly contact us via:

Website : https://www.thekannas.com/
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Address : Kannas Serviced Apartment, 308 Moo 3 Superhighway Road, Tumbon Changpuak Amphor Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50300

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